Central Park

Yet another fan page dedicated to the 1987-90 TV series "Beauty and the Beast"? And an almost empty one at that!

When/if this site eventually grows, it is meant to focus on several aspects of the show that are not often addressed on other fan pages:

You may expect English and French contents. Nouveau ! Deux articles en français de 1989.

You are also welcome to visit my tiny my BatB blog and DeviantArt gallery.


Meanwhile, why not explore a few places Above and Below that are reminiscent of our Tunnels?

Spiral Staircase
  • Winterfest Online is over, but all past versions of the Great Hall are still worth a long exploration!
    Here was my Treasure Hunt minute stop...
  • Hosted here since WFOL 2008: Agnes' musings on the episode "Dead of Winter", in French and in English.

Non-BatB food for thought:

  • Utopia, a past exhibition at the New York Public Library

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